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  • "The wound is the place where the light enters you."
    - Rumi

    Thank you for inquiring into Dr. L. Mixon Psychology Services! Welcome! I honor the courage within you that motivates the beginning of your journey into self-discovery and healing. You and I will develop a connection for your path of consciousness and skill discovery. I receive you with cultural responsiveness and intersectionality, regardless if you are seeking individual psychotherapy,testing/evaluation or a community experience.

    In Individual Psychotherapy, I invite you to join me into the depths of yourself and your concerns in lived experience. As we engage in your healing process, we will explore, understand and honor all aspects of you for radical acceptance and sustainable change.

    In Testing/Evaluation, I conduct clinical interviews and utilize standardized instruments. These Testing/Evaluation methods combined with other clinical information provide layers of data and a more comprehensive understanding of you. Through Testing/Evaluation, I may offer a diagnosis and/or answer a forensic inquiry, and provide practical recommendations for your guidance.

    With a Community Experience, you will be offered psychoeducational information, opportunities for introspection, and spaces to share within a group process. The group can be your agency, colleagues, friends, or community members. A Community Experience allows you to learn about various clinical, forensic, or social justice dynamics within a group environment. This experience will foster community building, multicultural awareness, and self awareness.

    I encourage you to explore my website to gain more perspective on my services! If the services I can provide resonate with you and can be of support, please reach out! Let’s connect for your path to deeper understanding, self liberation, or a community experience!

    About Dr. LeKisha Mixon

    Dr. Mixon is a Licensed Clinical Forensic Psychologist who was raised with her parents being in the army. Growing up in the military provided Dr. Mixon the exposure to cultural diversity that sparked her interest in psychology. Her dream to be a Clinical Forensic Psychologist was further ignited in high school in her first psychology course, which was followed by an advanced placement psychology course and later college enrollment with majors in psychology and criminology. Her college enrollment at Howard University set the tone for her dedication to minority mental health and intersections with the criminal justice system. She furthered her dedication at John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she obtained a Master of Arts (MA) in Forensic Psychology. The natural next step for Dr. Mixon was to pursue her Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree with a specialization in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Forensics. She thrives in her passion as a Licensed Clinical Forensic Psychologist and is committed to furthering knowledge, facilitating healing, and supporting persons in self liberation.

    Her leisure interests include yoga, travel, health/wellness, music, art, dancing, food and quality time with her friends/family. She believes in the healing power within and the potential for manifesting. Dr. Mixon honors the human experience and values the complex dynamics of being human.

    Understand through Evaluation. Heal with Holistic Collaboration.
    Join me for your journey into Self Liberation