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  • Attorney Consultation

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    Dr. Mixon may be retained as a consultant in legal cases involving mental health issues. As a consultant, Dr. Mixon becomes a member of the defense or prosecution team or can provide professional service time as an independent testifying expert. Dr. Mixons’ consultation services include:

    -Explaining psychological test results, diagnoses, and multifaceted psychological issues

    -Forensic Interviews to ascertain client history of mental health and role in criminality

    -Reviewing records to identify salient mental health issues

    -Psychoeducational seminars on mental health and client dynamics

    -Identifying the role of cultural bias in evaluation and impact on psychological opinion

    Dr. Mixon’s capacity to translate psychological concepts into relatable language is beneficial to legal processes and is palatable for jurors. Her ability to simplify mental health concepts increases legal teams and courts understanding of the role of client mental health in a litigation process.