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  • Community Experiences

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    Dr. L. Mixon Psychology Services facilitates Community Experiences focused on Racial Dynamics in Mental Health and/or Forensic Settings. A Community Experience is a seminar style engagement where participants will be provided psychoeducational information. Participants will be encouraged to utilize the newly learned information for introspective activities and sharing within a group process.The group can be your agency, colleagues, friends, or community members. You choose! A Community Experience allows you to learn about various clinical, forensic, or social justice dynamics within a group environment. This experience will foster community building, multicultural awareness, and self awareness. Additionally, a Community Experience includes breath work, grounding exercises, and meditation. Community Experience duration varies with the goal of the Community Experience.

    Other topics for Community Experiences are: Cultural Competence, Social Justice, Inter-generational and/or Race-based Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence, , Substance Abuse, Sex Offender Dynamics, Sexuality, Cognitive Behavioral Interventions.

    Please see the recent Community Experiences facilitated:

    Mixon, L. (2020, August). Race, Sex, Trauma, & Restorative Justice: A process around history, biases, self awareness and community healing. Seminar with Sunset Youth Services, San Francisco, CA. Seminar conducted via zoom platform.

    Mixon, L. (2020, June). Juneteenth Celebration: A Testimony and Guide to Allyship in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Community Speech, Oakland, CA.

    Mixon, L. (2019, July). Survivors Circle: Healing Sexual Trauma, A Perspective on Compassion. Panelist on Seminar with Survivors Circle, San Francisco, CA.