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  • Community Experiences

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    Dr. L. Mixon Psychology Services facilitates Community Experiences focused on Racial Dynamics in Mental Health and/or Forensic Settings. A Community Experience is a seminar style engagement where participants will be provided psychoeducational information. Participants will be encouraged to utilize the newly learned information for introspective activities and sharing within a group process.The group can be your agency, colleagues, friends, or community members. You choose! A Community Experience allows you to learn about various clinical, forensic, or social justice dynamics within a group environment. This experience will foster community building, multicultural awareness, and self awareness. Additionally, a Community Experience includes breath work, grounding exercises, and meditation. Community Experience duration varies with the goal of the Community Experience.

    Other topics for Community Experiences are: Cultural Competence, Social Justice, Inter-generational and/or Race-based Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence, , Substance Abuse, Sex Offender Dynamics, Sexuality, Cognitive Behavioral Interventions.

    Please see the recent Community Experiences facilitated:

    Yipp, C. (2022, May). Free your mind from fear with Dr. LeKisha Mixon [Audio Podcast Episode]. In The Sistriarchy Sessions,Episode 4. Apple Podcasts.

    Mixon, L. (2021, May). The Release, Embody, and Manifest Experience. Mindfulness and Cognitive Restructuring. Community Seminar Panelist, Zoom platform, San Francisco, CA

    Mixon, L. (2020, August). Race, Sex, Trauma, & Restorative Justice: A process around history, biases, self awareness and community healing. Seminar with Sunset Youth Services, San Francisco, CA. Seminar conducted via zoom platform.

    Mixon, L. (2020, June). Juneteenth Celebration: A Testimony and Guide to Allyship in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Community Speech, Oakland, CA.

    Mixon, L. (2019, July). Survivors Circle: Healing Sexual Trauma, A Perspective on Compassion. Panelist on Seminar with Survivors Circle, San Francisco, CA.