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  • FAQs

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    What can I expect in the free 30 minutes consultation?

    In the free consultation, the primary goals are to develop a mutual understanding of your reason for referral and answer any questions you may have. This is the space where you will get an idea of what the therapy space will feel like. This is an opportunity for us to develop a connection and determine if we are an appropriate match to address your concerns in living.

    What can I expect in my first Individual Psychotherapy session?

    You can expect to be greeted with warmth and unconditional positive regard. We will further discuss your concerns in living and you will receive more information about what you can expect from a healing process. At the end of the first session, we will inquire about how you felt in the therapeutic space and we will determine a treatment schedule.

    How long does Individual Psychotherapy last?

    The length of your healing process is unique to you and depends on your desire for personal development, your commitment, and your concerns in living. We will collaborate in treatment planning and will use evidence based strategies to support your healing. Individual Psychotherapy with us is deep, insight oriented, with pragmatic skill building. We invite you to keep in mind that change and growth can be slow, which requires compassion, patience, and dedication.

    What can I expect in beginning Psychological Testing or Forensic Evaluation?

    You can expect to be greeted with warmth and unconditional positive regard. We will complete a clinical interview to determine the specific referral questions. The appropriate testing methods and procedures will be identified, which are labeled the test battery.Additional testing or evaluation time will be scheduled and you will be at the start of your self discovery or answer to  legal inquiry.

    What can I expect for a Community Experience?

    We will discuss your goals for the Community Experience. A Community Experience is a group process that includes members of your choice. The goals to be discussed are: content, goals, duration, frequency, and number of attendees. Topic areas include: Racial Dynamics in Mental Health and/or Forensic Settings, Cultural Competence, Restorative Justice, Inter-generational and/or Race-based Trauma, Intimate Partner Violence, Substance Abuse, Sex Offender Dynamics, Sexuality, Cognitive Behavioral Interventions, and Meditation/Mindfulness.

    What hours are you available?

    Hours are available by appointment only. We offer daytime and evening availability. Please connect to schedule an appointment. If we are in session or out of the office, you will receive our voice mail. Please leave a brief message, and we will return all messages as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours. First-time appointments are typically scheduled within one week of the initial call or sooner if needed. If you are calling about a psychiatric emergency, call 911.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment and you have not notified at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.

    Do you take insurance?

    We do not currently providing services on any insurance panels. However, we work with insurance panels as an out-of-network provider. We can offer you billing documents that include a description of services and provider information so you may submit the claims directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. If you would like to use your insurance, please contact your insurance provider directly via the 800 number on the back of your insurance card and ask about self-filing options for “out-of-network providers.” If possible, ask them to fax or email you a copy of your coverage so that you can use this when you submit any future documents. We do not make any guarantees or promises that you will receive reimbursement from your insurance company for our services.

    What is your payment policy?

    Payment is due prior to service at the time of service unless otherwise agreed upon. We accept cash and credit cards. We accept Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal.

    Other Questions?

    We invite you to peruse my website sections and if there are any additional questions you may have, feel free to email or call us. We look forward to connecting with you!