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  • Forensic Evaluations

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    Dr. Mixon completes Forensic Evaluations to assist legal teams and courts in understanding the role of mental health in legal matters. The comprehensive Forensic Evaluation process includes interviews, record reviews, observations, standardized test administration, and if applicable, deposition/testimony.

    Dr. Mixon includes multicultural considerations in psychological testing. Multicultural considerations affirm that the standardized tests utilized in the psychological battery are culturally appropriate. Additionally, multicultural considerations may inform on the role of culture and intersectionality in your reason for referral. Dr. Mixon will offer forensic and/or therapeutic recommendations that are culturally relevant and tailored to the results of the forensic results.

    Forensic Evaluations for the following:

    Criminal Law

    – Competency to Stand Trial

    – Mental State at Time of the Oftense

    – Psychosexual

    – Violence Risk

    – Assessment of Malingering

    – Mental Health Mitigation

    – Psychopathy

    Civil Law

    – Personal Injury

    – Diminished Capacity

    – Certificate of Merit


    – Rebuttal or Dispute