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  • Psychological Testing

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    Psychological Testing refers to the administration of standardized tests and includes interviews, observations, and record reviews. Psychological Testing helps you to understand your psychological, emotional, and behavioral functioning described as your lived experience. Through a 1 hour clinical interview, Dr. Mixon gains understanding into your referral questions and tailors the psychological battery (i.e. combination of psychological tests and assessment procedures) to address your specific inquiries.

    Dr. Mixon utilizes a broad range of psychological instruments which are commonly administered in psychological evaluations. The major areas of testing include:

    – Diagnostic

    – Personality

    – Neuropsychological

    – Psychoeducational

    – Psychosexual

    – Substance Abuse

    All Psychological Testing include a 1 hour feedback session where Dr. Mixon will review the results of the evaluation, ensure your referral questions are thoroughly answered and provide recommendations for your guidance.

    I invite you to reach out if you are curious about your psychological health and would like to begin self discovery!